The Unabomber was not crazy

Last night I watched #ninetiescnn episode on Terrorism which then led me to skim over the #unabomber‘s 18-page manifesto.  It turned out to be mostly anti-government, anti-economy, anti-media mumbo-jumbo, but he wasn’t crazy. The Unabomber’s arguments and reasoning stood for something and against something– he stood for White Supremacy and against diversity.

I’ll spare you the boring read and highlight the things he railed against: affirmative action, diversity, “political correctness,” “industrialization,” the media, “the System.” does all of this sound familiar? That’s because it is — it’s the kind of bullshit that comes from the Ann Coulter and the Alex Jones types and their ideas will continue to spread if they continue to go unchallenged.

The Unabomber was wrong because he visualizes the world where lack of development (or Industrialization) solves all of humanities socioeconomic problems, that is simply not true. Just because depression, low-self esteem and lack of satisfaction with life are less evident in primitive societies, doesn’t mean these issues don’t exist or that they are not widespread. Perhaps primitive societies are too busy with basic human needs (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) like food, water, and safety to worry about social problems, but that doesn’t mean they do not exist. I would argue the opposite as these primitive societies tend to have the worst record in human rights and equality. Yes, Science and Technology have changed the things that make people unhappy in industrialized societies, but unhappiness in the “third world” comes in the form of famine, hunger, and war.

The Unabomber has been dubbed a mentally-ill schizophrenic, but I don’t think he was crazy, I think he had an agenda that people didn’t understand, many still don’t. His arguments are based on false assumptions. His manifesto is riddled with falsehoods and fallacies, but he wouldn’t have pulled off murder without a meaningful motive. So what was his motive? he imagined the world without”leftists,” affirmative action, diversity, “political correctness,” gays, feminists, globalization and the media. Who does that sound like?